Due to its design and density, this mattress (HAND MADE & READY TO SHIP) is much more advanced at supporting the spine and body's contours than a conventional mattress bed. It is better capable to support the natural body shape. It is the ideal solution for healthy ligaments and joint, and comes with a 5 year warranty. Our couch bed is the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The bolster cushions (which add another 15cm to the height) are designed to be soft enough to cushion the head, but also strong enoough to support the body and provide a secure fort environment for your dog. The Bamboo mattress protector and the cotton/canvas cover and bolster covers are all removable and machine washable. measurements - 70cm x 65cm x 15cm high (with bolsters 30cm high

Eco Dog Couch - SMALL 70cm x 65cm x 17cm