105cm x 80cm x 5cm deep -  If you are looking for a cheaper option, this foam bed is great value. Using the same high quality GECA foam, as in the Eco couch beds, this mattress is still designed to last. It naturally comes with the Bamboo waterproof mattress protector and then completed with a fitted cover, (many options available) that can be easilly washed and replaced for a different design, offering contrasting options or to replace when this one wears out. Our Eco mattress is one layer of foam, so it's not classified as orthopedic, like our couch bed, but this bed will provide joint and ligament support, and will create resistance, a little bit different to an orthodpedic couch bed that will cushion the body and put less pressure and resistance on joints.

The fitted cover on this particular mattress is a soft polar fleece.  

Eco Mattress- SINGLE LAYER FOAM -Large 105cm x 80cm x 5cm

AU$179.00 Regular Price
AU$169.00Sale Price