We are Quietly Confident your dog loves a good nights rest as much as you do, and their Ligaments, Muscles and Tendons need just as much looking after to keep them strong and in good shape. That's why we've made the Eco Dog Couch Super Comfy and Large enough for a Snuggle or a Sprawl. With Premium Quality Sustainably Sourced Materials our Dog Beds are made to last years.


The Eco Dog Couch & all Mattresses are Hand Built using Australian manufactured foam, free from Chlorofluorocarbons, carry the GECA certification and made in Melbourne Australia, With 5 Layering Textiles, for Warmth, Strength, Durability and Longevity, our Eco Dog Couch is guaranteed to please your furry friend and the great thing is you will never have to throw out a dirty dog bed ever again, making it a fantastic sustainable and Eco Friendly Dog Bed for life. 

By keeping products in use, and Investing in an Eco Dog Couch or Eco friendly dog bed,we are preventing harmful contaminants entering into the natural environment, and reducing problems directly contributing to climate change and the volume of what goes into landfill.

If every dog owner made a choice to invest in Eco friendly dog products, made using sustainably sourced, natural, organic, and long lasting sustainable materials, then you wouldn't just be contributing to a healthier planet and a healthier dog you would also be investing in a sustainable dog bed that will last years.

Sustainability & your pets health & well-being is at the heart of everything we do

Our core eco-friendly materials used in manufacturing

Australian Made Foam GECA (Goods Environmental Choice Awarded)

Bamboo Leaves

Natural Bamboo

100% Cotton fabrics with non-toxic dyes

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The textile industry is filled with sustainability problems: From the use of wasteful practices for materials, to a race to use the cheapest materials- no matter the environmental impact.

Synthetic fibers contain toxic chemicals, that are not sustainable, because they are made from non-renewable resources. This has a huge impact on our planet, us and our pets.


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